We help teams of any size succeed.


Taking any project from concept to launch requires teamwork. The more complicated the project, the more your teams will struggle to stay in sync. Lots of time is wasted going back and forth, trying to figure out the status of the project, the roadblocks preventing work, and the causes for delay in delivery.

When there are communication breakdowns like these, all work stops. It’s our mission to prevent this from happening so your team can move at top speed. Phi 1618 will help you empower all of your teams using the power of software.


The Right Tools

We specialize in configuring and administering tools from the Atlassian software stack. 

Create and share content with all every team in your organization. Project plans, meeting notes, and documentation, all in one, searchable place. 

Track projects, tasks, and issues to keep your teams in sync. Easily keep everyone up-to-date on the progress of any project.

Encrypted chat, voice, and video, in the cloud or on your servers. Supports your mobile devices, so you'll never miss a message.

Agile, done right. Speed up your development cycles with better code management and continuous integration. 


The Right Knowledge

You need more than just The Right Tools in order to unlock your teams' potentials. You need to know how best to use them, and how to ensure adoption throughout your company. Phi 1618 can help train your teams and give them the support they need to succeed.